A Common Goal

        A common goal in exercise is toning and cutting up. This means losing fat and obtaining muscle definition. The first step to reaching this goal or any exercise goal is to create a habit of going to the gym and exercising. I know it takes an hour away from your day, but it is critical to prioritize exercise. Just think about how many times you have been on your facebook, twitter, and instagram today. Just make it a habit of going. Believe that you have to do it and don’t ponder skipping.

       Many people believe that exercise is merely just going for a run or hopping on that elliptical for 30 minutes while watching the calories burned increase. Many people believe that running or hopping on the elliptical for 30 to 60 minutes a day will accomplish their goals of toning and thinning up.You can read a book, or watch tv, barely breathe heavy, and make exercise very easy. This type of exercise rarely gets anyone on the path to reaching their goals. Exercise should be hard, and when it is, it is also extremely rewarding. Cardiovascular endurance is great but exercise is more complicated than that. Most of the time, cardiovascular exercise burns calories more than resistance training during any given exercise session, But if you want to tone up then both resistance exercise and cardiovascular endurance is needed.  

      I constantly hear from both males and females that they want to tone up, get in shape, or get ready for the beach. I then see many males lifting weights without doing any cardiovascular endurance and then I look to the cardio section of the gym and see many females doing cardio without any resistance training. A lot of the people in the gym have the same goal, but most guys are only resistance training and most girls are only doing cardio, and most people are not anywhere close to reaching their goals.

     I already explained earlier that Cardiovascular endurance burns more calories than resistance training during any given exercise session, however, resistance training increases your daily metabolic rate (Baechle, Earle, 113). This means that when you do resistance training you will burn more calories throughout the entire day. Your body is burning calories to maintain and heal your muscles. (I know many females are thinking “but I dont want to get bulky”) You won’t get bulky, you do not have the testosterone levels to get bulky. Now that we established that resistance training increases your resting metabolic rate, resistance training also increases energy expenditure during exercise (Baechle, Earle, 113). This is when we mix in cardiovascular endurance training, this maximizes the amount of calories you can burn. You will not only lose fat but you will develop muscle.

     This is the optimal way to tone up, a mixture of lifting weights and cardiovascular endurance. ( I know most guys are thinking, Cardio? I don’t want to lose my gains) If your main goal is cutting and toning up you might have to make that sacrifice. Don’t worry if you are still lifting during the week you won’t lose much of your gains, you will however lose fat and tone up by burning those extra calories during the cardio sessions.  Although everything you have read is incredibly important, one of the most important factors of exercise is commitment and dedication. Getting fit and tone will take longer than one week to accomplish. Exercise is hard work, which is why it’s rewarding when you reach your goal. Work hard in the gym and stay committed and you will reach your goal.



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