What People Are Saying

"Sean is very professional. He has all the up-to-date equipment and the first workout was great. I am excited to have my next workout with Sean." 

 -Renee & Al DeRitis

"Great guy, very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, listens to your goals, makes sure that he understands your priorities, and tailors his approach accordingly. Very flexible on scheduling and billing. I have signed up for twenty-four session, have had two so far, and feel I am in good hands, and looking forward to our workouts. I recommend Sean without reservation."

   -Adam Bisno

"This guy is simply, AWESOME! He knows what he is doing!" 

-Moayad Miran

"Awesome personal trainer- best possible combination of knowledge, professionalism, and affordability! Recommend him strongly!!!"

-Andy Schrum

"Sean has developed programs for me to focus around my goals. My training goals include both strength and power. Each program was carefully researched to maximize benefits and growth. To maintain overall fitness and balance, each program also included core, cardio and stretching/flexibility excercises. I have been training seriously for about four years and in a short, three week program, I improved my squat by 25 pounds. I was extremely pleased with the results. Best of all, Sean is as enthusiatic about the programs and results as I am."

-John Schlegel

"Sean has coached me through many different workouts. He introduced me to crossfit and if I didn't know how to complete any of the exercises, he was always very willing to show me how to do them. Sean has also given me a weight lifting program which I have been following for 6 weeks. On the first day, he walked through the entire thing with me to make sure I knew how to complete each exercise properly. He continued to be motivational throughout the program, checking my progress, spotting me while benching, etc. and encouraging me to lift more weight than I thought I could. With Sean's guidance, I have become more dedicated to fitness. I would definitely recommend Sean as a personal trainer for individuals at all different fitness levels."

-Janice Bartolai,  BSN, RN, Lehigh Valley Health Network

"Sean was my lifting partner for the past two years prior to his move to Philly. Other than being extremely knowledgeable about exercise movements and all-around health, Sean has the ability to help motivate you to improve your all-around health. My junior year of college I began playing rugby. After going through a season-ending knee injury, I began lifting with Sean. Sean helped me rehab my injury, and then progressively helped build me up to be stronger than I ever was, all in less than a year. 
Sean is able to tailor your exercises towards your fitness goals. In the two years I lifted with Sean, my goals changed rather frequently; leaning up, getting stronger, and putting on lean muscle mass. Sean was able to create different workout routines that both challenged me and helped me achieve those fitness goals. 
I would recommend Sean to anyone, regardless of your fitness goals!"

-Michael Oswald, BA, Infusion System Analyst at B. Braun Medical Inc.

"I have recently completed the Smolov Jr. training program under Sean's guidance. He had incorporated some exercises into the program that I had never done before, so Sean took the time and also had the patience to break down each movement for me. The end result was a 25 lb increase in my squat in just 3 weeks. I can't wait to see what he has in store for me next! Another thing I really enjoyed about working with Sean was that he was just as excited as I was with the end results!"

-Kristine Schlegel

"I met Sean during college and we became close friends. One thing we had in common was our fitness goals, getting better at Crossfit, High Intensity Interval Training, strength, Olympic weightlifting and everything else. Sean became my everyday lifting partner and for some damn good reasons. Everyday no matter if I was tired, sore, or unmotivated, Sean always pushed me through our daily training. He is very motivational and has not only the lifting experience to coach the correct form but also knows the science behind it. Numerous times I witnessed Sean correct a stranger's form in the gym, to prevent injury and also help them reach their goals. Sean is also very dedicated to what he does no matter what it is, and will always make sure things are done the correct way, in this case, to find the best results and stay injury free. Sean is an awesome person inside and outside the gym and I would highly recommend him for fitness coaching."

-Zach Gursky, B.S. in Exercise Science, Reebok CrossFit Level I Certified

"Sean is awesome! He is knowledgeable and patient, and has given me helpful advice with weightlifting form. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting fitter, especially through strength training!"

-Rebecca Buonanno 

"Sean was very active in making sure I always had the best workout I could. While working out with him my form improved by leaps and bounds and his workout plans got me in great shape. Even when I wasn't working out with him he made a whole workout plan for me. I would definitely recommend Sean to anyone who wants to get stronger and healthier!"

-Justin Wolfe 

"Sean and I have been friends for a long time and two things that have always stuck out were his determination and willingness to help others. I started lifting with Sean in college and with his help I was stronger than I had ever been. When i decided to enlist in the military and attempt one of the toughest special operation jobs it has to offer, Sean played an integral part in my efforts to shed weight and gain muscle endurance and flexibility, helping me complete tasks I never thought possible. His attention to detail and motivation is unmatched. After injuring my back training in the service, Sean stepped up to develop a low impact workout for me to help rebuild muscle in my back and the supporting muscle groups as well as regain flexibility overall. This is a task I would trust few others with."

- B.J. Schantz, United States Air Force


"This guy is the real deal people! He is extremely knowledgeable, motivated, and willing to help YOU out until you receive the desired results you are looking for! Don't miss out to work with this young and skilled talent!

-Dave Yael, Prudential Insurance

"Sean gave me the advice and techniques required to live a healthy life. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to shed weight and build muscle the healthy way!"

-James Haywood